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About Us

Stop n Vape About Us

Stop n Vape is Euro Vapour's retail arm. But for us, it's more that just retail. Our customers' help shape the direction that our entire company takes.

Stop 'n' Vape began life in 2017 as a side-project of the R&D team of Euro Vapour. As one of the largest independent e-liquid manufacturers in the EU, we had long wanted a forum to be able to test new e-liquid flavour profiles with vapers.
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Our Stop 'n' Vape store in Romford was established to give us just that. With our team's expert knowledge of vaping products, our dedication to customer care, and a wide range of quality vaping products, we quickly became one of the most successful stores in the area.

The vaping industry has advanced a very long way in a short space of time providing vapers with a sometimes confusing array of choices in both e-liquids and hardware. At the same time, with evidence being published by organisations such as Public Health England showing e-cigarettes to be 95% safer than smoking, the number of vapers has also been growing at an exponential rate. At Stop 'n' Vape, our sole aim is to help our customers to make the right product choices for their needs.
Our vast range of vaping products are all TPD compliant, meaning that they meet all of the latest safety and quality standards required by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

We cater to every vaper from those who are looking to find an alternative to aid them in cutting back on their smoking to seasoned vapers looking for the latest high-end products. We also stock a vast range of e-liquids with every flavour in every shop available to "try before you buy".