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E-liquid Guide

What are the ingredients in e-liquids?

  1. Propylene Glycol (PG): PG often makes up a minority of the ingredients of eLiquid. PG is a thin, watery, tasteless liquid produced from an alcohol base. It it used because it absorbs and carries flavour very well and also contributes to the 'throat hit'.
  2. Vegetable Glycerin (VG): VG often makes up the majority of eLiquid ingredients. It is a thicker, sweeter liquid than PG. The more VG, the more smoothness and volume in your vapour; however, the more VG, the less flavour.
  3. Flavourings: E-liquids use flavourings similar to those used to intensify flavour in everyday food. When smokers first switch to vaping, they often go with the flavour they are most accustomed to - tobacco. But as their journey away from cigarettes, they often find themselves experimenting with all sorts of complex flavours. 
  4. Nicotine: Nicotine is the active and addictive ingredient in e-liquid. Nicotine is the reason why people smoke cigarettes. There is an old saying in the tobacco industry: "people smoke for the nicotine but die from the tar". With vaping, you get the nicotine you want, but without the carcinogens that burning tobacco produces. Nicotine (as well as PG) also produces the 'throat-hit'. When smokers first make the switch from cigarettes to an electronic alternative they usually like to vape e-liquid with a higher nicotine level (18mg). However, after a few months of vaping, people often find themselves requiring less nicotine and gradually move towards a lower nicotine level (3mg or 6mg). As an aside, the more powerful the device, the more throat hit it produces. So, as vapers move to more powerful devices, they often find themselves lowering the nicotine level for this reason, too.

Choosing an e-liquid

What is VG?
VG usually makes up the majority of eLiquid ingredients. The more VG, the more smoothness and volume in your vapour; however, the more VG, the less flavour.

What nicotine strength should I choose?
Each vaper is slightly different in their tastes and requirements. However as a general guide, if you smoke more than 20 cigarettes a day, or smoke strong brands of cigarette, start with an 18mg nicotine e-liquid. If you smoke between 10 and 20 a day, go for 12mg nicotine e-liquid. If you smoke less than 10, go for 6mg nicotine e-liquid.

Which eLiquid is best to help me replace cigarettes?
Providing you like the flavour, almost any e-liquid can help you switch away from smoking. If you want something familiar to smoking, go for a tobacco flavour. But in all honesty, very few vapers stay on tobacco flavours very long. This is because for most people tobacco isn’t actually a very nice flavour - it’s just the only flavour cigarettes come in! One of the many wonderful things about e-cigarettes is that you can now get your nicotine hit whilst breathing in a cloud of vapour flavoured with your favourite fruit or cake or sweet.

How do I know which eLiquid I'll like?
One option is to visit one of our store locations where we have every flavour available to try before you buy. If you can't do that and choose to buy online, you don’t know until you’ve tried it. Our q-liquids will taste very similar to the flavour descriptions and we try to give as much detail to help give you an accurate impression. Exploration is one of the great things about vaping - explore different flavours and you’ll be amazed at what is out there.

Using your e-liquid

How long does a bottle of eLiquid last?
This really depends on how frequently you vape and what vaping device you have. On average a 10ml bottle used with an above ohm device will last 3-4 days. A 60ml short fill bottle used with a sub ohm device typically lasts between 1-2 weeks.

How should I store my eLiquid?
E-liquids should be stored in a cool, dark area away from direct sunlight and out of reach from children and pets.

Is it harmful if e-liquid touches my skin?
At the relatively low concentrations found in any reputable e-liquid, e-liquid will not cause any harm if it comes in to contact with your skin. However, should this occur, you should wash any contaminated areas with soap and warm water. Any contaminated clothing should also be washed.


Why does my coil taste burnt?
The most likely reason why a coil tastes burnt is because the cotton in your coil isn’t sufficiently saturated with e-liquid. If you get a strong burning taste with a new coil, throw it out and use a new one. To avoid this happening, always wait about 5 minutes after closing your tank so that the e-liquid fully saturates into the cotton.

Why can't I taste my e-liquid properly?
This is probably because your coil needs to be changed. If your e-liquid still doesn’t taste quite right after changing the coil, try a different e-liquid as your taste buds may have become very used to the flavour you’ve been vaping and in are in need of a change. This is a condition known as ‘vapers tongue'. 

Why is my eLiquid so light or dark?
E-liquid gets it colour from nicotine and from its flavourings. Higher nicotine eLiquid will usually be darker.