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Tanks Guide

What is a tank?

The tank is the business end of your vaping device and, just as the lens on a camera plays a more important factor in the quality of your photos than the body, the tank plays a more valuable role in your vaping experience than the battery.

What are the different pieces of my tank called?

Glass Tube
The glass tube connects the bottom part of your tank with the top half. It is where you fill your e-liquid into, and allows you to check at a glance how much liquid you have left.

The coil is made up of a metal tube, inside of which sits a coil wrapped in cotton (or cotton wrapped in a coil). The cotton soaks in e-liquid through holes in the side of the coil. When you press the button on your mod, an electrical charge is sent through the coil, turning it red-hot and vapourising the e-liquid soaked in the cotton. Your vaping experience is essentially determined by the performance of your coil sitting inside your tank. You will notice that the coil is reaching the end of its life by a gradual negative change in flavour. Some eLiquids will burn your coil quicker than others. The rate at which your coil will burn out depends on how much you vape, what voltage/wattage you have your device set to and which eLiquid you use.

Bottom cap & firing pin
The bottom cap is the part that screws into your battery at one end and onto the glass tube at the other. The firing pin protrudes from the 510 threaded connection. If your device is not firing, sometimes the firing pin has moved too far up into the tank and would need to be nudged back out with a small flat-head screwdriver. Some manufacturers, such as Aspire, have started using spring-loaded firing pins in order to get around this problem.

Airflow control
The airflow controller controls how much air comes into the tank when inhaling. The more air that flowing over the coils, the more vapour is produced. There are usually a number of settings: the smallest being quite tight and similar to a traditional cigarette, all the way up to the widest setting, which usually produces a very airy draw (perfect for 'lung hits'). Less airflow will produce more flavour but less vapour, a wider airflow will do the opposite.

Top cap
The top cap connects the glass tube and the drip tip.

Drip tip
The drip tip is the small tube that goes into your mouth and through which the vapour is inhaled. Some drip tips have an airflow controller which can help cool down the vapour when using at high wattages. There are many different drip tips of varying colour, material and size to suit all tastes.

Choosing Your Tank

What is temperature control?
TC allows you set the maximum temperature that your coil can be heated to. For example, if you fire your mod for 10 seconds at 40 watts, the coil will keep getting hotter and hotter throughout that time, and will probably end up burning your cotton during those 10 seconds. But if you have set your TC to, say, 215 degrees centigrade (the burning point of cotton), your mod will regulate the heat so that the coil never gets hot enough to burn. TC is getting better all the time, but at the moment the technology isn’t always accurate.

What is sub-ohm vaping?
Sub-ohm means anything below 1.0 ohm. The main variable of a coil is the resistance, which is measured in ohms. The higher the ohm, the more resistance there is to the current flowing through the coil, therefore lowering the maximum heat level of the coil; the lower the ohm, the less resistance there is to the current, therefore allowing the coil to get much hotter. The lower the ohm of the coil, the hotter the coil gets, and therefore with appropriate airflow it can produce much higher volumes of vapour - otherwise known as cloud chasing.

What is an RBA?
RBA stands for Rebuildable Atomiser. Some manufacturers use the acronym RTA instead, which stands for Rebuildable Tank Atomiser. The main difference between a regular tank and an RBA/RTA is that whereas a regular tank uses stock coil heads, an RBA/RTA requires the user the build their own coils. The advantages of an RBA/RTA are:

  1. Cheaper coils.
  2. Superior flavour and vapour production.
  3. Endless customisation options.

Can I use any tank on my mod?
Most tanks can be used with any mod, using the industry standard 510 threaded connection. If you have an ego style device, you can use an adapter.

Using Your Tank

How do I fill my tank?
If your tank has top filling capabilities, unscrew the top cap and fill to the top of the central airway, ensuring no eLiquid goes into the airway. If your tank has bottom fill, turn it upside down, unscrew the bottom cap and fill around the central airway pipe, up to the top of the central airway, ensuring no eLiquid goes into the airway. Be careful not to overfill your tank, as this leads to leakages and flooding.

When should I refill my tank?
Most tanks produce their best quality vapour when they are full. This is because the added weight of the eLiquid pushes down slightly harder towards the bottom of the tank, moving more eLiquid into the cotton inside the coil. As the eLiquid starts to go down to the bottom quarter of your tank, you will probably notice a gradual decline in the quality of vapour. This is when you should refill your tank.

How should I clean my tank?
Your tank will perform best if it cleaned often and thoroughly. To clean it, take it fully apart, rinse under warm water and then place all the loose components into a cup filled with warm water. Let it sit in the water for a few minutes and then rinse them all off again with warm water. Shake off the excess water and dry thoroughly with kitchen-towel, paying special attention to all the little nooks and crannies of your tank's design. The life of your coil can be lengthened by regular washing. BUT, always wait until the coil has dried off completely before screwing it into your tank, or the coil may vapourise the water soaked into the cotton instead of the eLiquid.

How can I protect my tank from breaking if it's dropped?
You can use a vape band, which is a silicone band that fits around the glass of your tank.


Why does my eLiquid taste burnt?
The coil in your tank has a built in wire coil, which is surrounded by cotton which soaks in the eLiquid. The wire coil heats up to vaporise eLiquid. The unpleasant burnt taste is always a sign that there isn't sufficient eLiquid soaked into the cotton. This can be the case even if your tank is full of eLiquid if the cotton became burnt during vaping. When this happens we recommend switching the coil, as a guideline a fresh coil will last for about 20ml of eLiquid. When you install a fresh coil for the first time, always drip a few drops of eLiquid directly onto the coil before screwing it into your tank. Once you've screwed your coil in, fill your tank and let it sit for around 5-10 minutes before using it as the cotton needs time to fully soak and draw the liquid inside. High VG liquid will usually take longer to fully absorb into the coil.

Why is my tank leaking?
Leaking usually occurs because of a fault with the seals in your tank. You can try taking the whole tank apart, cleaning it and reassembling it. If this problem persists, please contact customer services.

Why won't my tank open?
You may have over-tightened one of the components of your tank. Try using something made out of rubber to grip onto the glass and tanks caps to try to open it. Be careful not to put too much pressure on the glass tube as this can crack it. Putting the tank under boiling water for a few minutes can also help as this will make the metal expand. If this problem persists, please contact customer service.

Why can't I taste my eLiquid properly?
This is probably because your coil needs to be changed. If your eLiquid still doesn’t taste quite right after changing the coil, try a different eLiquid as your taste buds may have become very used to the flavour you’ve been vaping and are in need of a change. This is a condition known as ‘Vapers Tongue.’ Alternatively, have a mint sweet or chewing gum to ‘reset’ your taste buds.

Why does my tank make a hissing noise when I use it?
This is completely normal. The noise is produced when the e-liquid is heated up. At lower wattage settings this noise will reduce, whereas on higher settings it will increase.